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“When my 11-year-old son announced to the family, with great pride, that he had just finished another Harry Potter book, I realized just how far he had come since beginning tutoring at the Children’s Dyslexia Center.

“As they were finishing second grade, (my twins) were beginning to fall noticeably behind their peers in writing and spelling. Although they were reading well enough to slip under the radar at school, I knew they were capable of doing better than just passing.  Both of them reversed letters and numbers and spelled words in ways that were not even phonetically correct, leaving much of their writing puzzling. They were so bright and eager to learn, but simple reading and spelling (was) exhausting and overwhelming.

“…after three years of one-on-one tutoring, they are both doing well in school, they complete their homework independently, and their teachers note they often go beyond expectations in their research and writing. The Center has provided our family with a great service that I believe will have long-lasting benefits.”
-J.F’s mother

“We struggled for years trying to figure out why our child could get the large word but could not figure out the simple words.   Due to the hard work and dedication of the tutors at Children’s Dyslexia Center my child has learned the skills that he needs to succeed in school.  The program took my shy child who just wanted to blend in and not be seen by his teachers to a child who will raise his hand and participate in class.  Without a program like this for children with dyslexia my child would not be getting passing grades and now enjoying school.”
-D.L’s mother

 “My son was always very bright from the time he was little. He …loved it when anyone would read to him.  When he started to write it seemed that he could never write on the lines of a paper. Once at a birthday party as he was looking at a card, one of the kids pronounced loudly, ‘He can’t read it!’  The look on his face was something that haunted me.

“Within a few years of being tutored at the Children’s Dyslexia Center, my son started to write much better and his self- confidence began to soar. The achievements that he was able to reach are truly amazing to me.

“One of my highlights has been at a Boy Scout pack meeting when (my son) read aloud in front of everyone with no hesitation. I will never forget that moment and I will never forget what a gift he has received from the center. You have definitely made all the difference in his life. Thank you!!!!”
-S.G’s mother

 “ I went from not being able to read or write to being in advanced English at the Middle School. The center has changed my life.” -Hannah, age 12

“I know that the learning center is helping me learn to read for the rest of my life and I would not be able to do it without them. It makes me feel good to be able to read a book and do what seems easy for other kids to do. I am working hard with my tutor so that reading will be easy for me too.” -Elias, age 9
 “I have been at the Children’s Dyslexia Center for almost 3 years now. I can’t believe how much progress I have made in the past few years. I use to hate reading because I was horrible at it and it was hard for me. But now I don’t mind reading and it’s fairly easy.” -Brandon, age 14

 “I used to be really bad at reading, and writing, and I felt really behind on everything that had to do with reading and writing….like the  word information. I used to think it was spelled infromatan.  I’m now a really good speller, and reader, and its all because of this wonderful center.” -Jacob, age 11

“It’s really hard, but it’s never stressful or anything like that. In fact, it’s the perfect place to go when you are stressed! You’re always welcomed, and the tutors always help you when you’re stuck on something. It makes learning spelling more fun then I ever knew was possible!  I can now read and write without it making me feel like I am going to explode! The tutoring has changed my life more than anything else ever did! Thank you so much for letting me in the program!” -Joseph, age 11

 “When I was in kindergarten through third grade I had lots of trouble spelling. I would study three times a day all week with my mom and dad and would fail the spelling tests week after week. Writing my spelling list into sentences almost always made me cry. During those years I could not read well, I was very confused when trying to read. Not being successful made me both sad and mad because I tried so hard.

Now I have attended one and a half years at the Children’s Dyslexia Center. I have learned to spell and read more complicated books that are about things I am interested in reading. My speed of reading has gotten a lot faster so I do not get as frustrated.  

I hope to become a better writer so I can tell people about my own thoughts and ideas that I have about the world around me. I am thankful for the help I get from the Children’s Dyslexia Center, my teachers, and my parents. I feel like I can be anything I want to be.”  -Blaine, age 11