What is dyslexia?

  • Dyslexia is a neurologically based learning disability that specifically impairs a person’s ability to read despite having normal intelligence. Common characteristics among people with dyslexia are difficulty with phonological processing (the manipulation of sounds), spelling, and/or rapid visual-verbal responding.

  • Dyslexia can be inherited in some families and recent studies have identified a number of genes that may dispose an individual to developing dyslexia.

  • Dyslexia is not a result of a lack of motivation, sensory impairment, inadequate instruction or reduced environmental stimulation, but may occur together with these conditions. Although dyslexia is life long, individuals with dyslexia frequently respond successfully to timely and appropriate intervention.

Is my child dyslexic? What are the symptoms?
Although problems and severity vary from person to person, common signs include difficulty in the following skills:

  • Understanding that words are made up of sounds

  • Assigning correct sounds to letters

  • Correct pronunciation of sounds and words

  • Spelling

  • Learning basic sequential information (alphabet, numbers)

  • Reading with age-appropriate speed, accuracy and comprehension

 How do you enroll in the Dyslexia Reading Center Program?
Contact us for an application and information about enrollment procedures.

How do we get a diagnosis?
A formal evaluation by trained professionals must be conducted to diagnose dyslexia, however, a child’s school is able to conduct some of the recommended testing.  An assessment can also be done by outside specialists (at a hospital, university speech and healing center or through an educational psychologist). Organizations such as the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) can help you locate a specialist in your area.

Do you do psychological testing?
No.  A student must have been tested before entering our program. See the Enrollment Page for further information.

 What does the program cost? 
There is a per semester enrollment fee, based on family income.  Please contact us for the fee scale and payment options.

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